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    Volunteering at Viewlands

    three people gardening outside if Viewlands Elementary

    There are numerous ways for people to be involved in Viewlands. Whether it be donating your time as a volunteer, supporting our community by attending school events, or being a present and active member in the Viewlands Elementary Parent-Teacher-Student Association (VEPTSA)

    Parents may volunteer in classrooms, in the library, in our cafeteria with lunch serving or in the office. Carkeek Park Educational Center has training for parents to become docents of this amazing park furthering the partnership between the park and Viewlands Elementary School. We are so appreciative of our volunteers!

    All volunteers do need to complete a
    n online application process. Get started by going to this website and finding both the Volunteer Application and Chaperone Application in the right hand column. Here you will also find a link to the short, required, one-time-only safe boundaries training video (ASM).  Please upload the following documents in the application:  1) copy of Driver’s License; 2) ASM Completion Certificate; 3) Proof of 3-year Washington residency if your driver’s license was issued less they three years of the present date.  You will not need to submit proof of the  3-year residency if your student has attended Viewlands for 3+ years.   If you are unable to upload these documents please feel free to submit copies to the school office. 

    Viewlands PTSA (VEPTSA) has been busy planning extracurricular activities and community building events. To learn how you can join, or for more information on their sponsored events, please visit their website.

    We are excited about building sustainable relationships with various community organizations like Carkeek Park, the Windermere Foundation, SDOT and City of Seattle Preschool to further benefit the academic learning of our students. If you would like to find out how you can join Viewlands as a community partner call 206-252-4400 or send our secretary Signe Roscoe an email (