Viewlands Elementary

Principal Wheeler’s Weekly Update 3-15-24

Hello Viewlands Families!

This week the soccer goals for the small turf field arrived. Our soccer loving students were very excited. We are still waiting for the sandbags to arrive to keep them from moving since they can’t be staked into the turf. We are reminding students the goals are not for playing on as they won’t last if they are used in this way. They are only intended as goals, not something to climb or hang on! Our landscaping and construction crews have been working on various projects this week, including cutting the logs on the playground, some additional landscaping additions, making a couple adjustments to the play structures, correcting the paving near the parking lot, and some smaller items inside the building. There are some bigger projects inside the building and around the campus planned currently for spring break.

There are always highlights when listening and learning with and from our students. This week playing a game and doing math with 2nd graders; watching 3rd graders with their kindergarten buddies coloring salmon; sharing observations of the salmon with 1st graders; and hearing some of our 4th and 5th graders talk about the salad dressing they were making in science were the highlights! Your children are bright, inquisitive, and creative thinkers. We will continue to seek ways to make every student feel known, valued, and empowered through the year.

In Partnership,

Carrie Wheeler | Viewlands Principal

Yearbook Cover Art Winners: 2024

It was another year of amazing yearbook cover art entries. We had 43 entries for the yearbook cover art contest this year! Thank you to every Viewlands student artist that submitted art. Every submission will be in the yearbook in some small way!

Our winning entry this year was from 3rd Grader, Antonella Nino. Her entry will be the cover feature of our yearbook for the 2023-2024 school year. Congrats to Antonella!

Budget Update:

Seattle Public Schools has a significant budget deficit. This will impact all schools. They also anticipate a continued decline in enrollment. In November 2023 at the board meeting Superintendent Jones shared that any potential school closures and consolidations would not be considered for this upcoming year but would be considered for the following year 2025-2026. This means that budget cuts to central office and schools will be part of the budget alignment with the significant shortfall.

Every school had reduced discretionary funding as part of the budget savings. At Viewlands we received $7,837 less in discretionary funding, which we have used for small fractional FTE increases in academic intervention and for supplies in previous year.

Viewlands also received significantly less Learning Assistance Program (LAP) funding. We received $41,144 less funding for the upcoming school year. These are funds we use for Academic Intervention Specialist staffing, specifically for out of the classroom staff that are Reading Interventionists and Math Interventionists. This means we will have less academic intervention staffing next year.

Viewlands will have reductions in the amount of staffing we have in our multilingual program, with a decrease from full time to 80% in our multilingual certificated teacher. Our art program specialist, Mr. B, will continue to only be funded at 50% this next school year, the same as this school year. Viewlands will have a small reduction in our office assistant, Ms. Leandra, from 60% to 50% in that position. Our school counselor and librarian will remain at 50%, and our school nurse will remain at 20% (1 day a week).

Teachers are funded by the district using projected enrollment numbers. The district is anticipating an overall decline again in total enrollment. At Viewlands they are projecting a decrease in our enrollment. We currently have 265 K-5 students (this does not count preschoolers). Our enrollment projection for next year is only 232 K-5 students. This is how they fund teachers. This means Viewlands will lose a teacher. We currently have 11 general education classrooms. With this projection, we are funded to only have 10 general education classrooms next school year. Overall, across the district schools, including Viewlands, will likely have higher class sizes and the potential of split grade classrooms that happen as a result of the budget shortfall.

What can families do?

  • If you have a child that will be entering kindergarten next year, enroll now in Seattle Public Schools. While enrollment stays open, the more accurate our actual counts are, the better we can plan, and provides data to request an adjustment if the projection numbers are inaccurate. Please enroll your student now!

VEPTSA Update:

Message from VEPSTA Partners

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VEPTSA enrichment  – Enroll today

Volunteer chaperones receive a 50% discount – email for more info.

Spring  enrichment includes new options for Slime Club, Piano-Keyboard Club, and 1ON1 Basketball – we’re excited to welcome back Chess, Kong Academy, and Seattle Children’s Theater offering improv.

Viewlands Orca Cup Sunday, March 24, at 1:00 pm | Sandel Park

Save the date for this family event including kid-friendly scrimmages, kids vs. adults matches, and snacks – no experience not required.  We need your help – please sign up to volunteer.

Early Bird Auction Tickets  Saturday, April 27

Get your tickets today – early-bird tickets on sale now through March 31 $40 each or $75 for a pair!

Important School Calendar Dates

  • Monday, April 8th – Friday April 12th –Spring break, no school