Viewlands Elementary

Principal Wheeler’s Weekly Update 3-8-24

Hello Viewlands Families!

On Thursday, our Global Reading Challenge school team represented Viewlands at a district competition at the Seattle Central Public library. The team only missed 4 questions, ended up in 3rd place, and modeled strong teamwork in the competition. Congratulations to the Apocalyptic Readers team for representing Viewlands, having fun, and working together as a team!

There are always highlights when listening and learning with and from our students. This week listening to 2nd graders discuss their science observations; working on place value using base 10 with 1st graders; playing recess games with kindergartners; and watching a small group of 4th and 5th graders work through their nerves to be guest student reporters for First Bell with were the highlights! Your children are bright, inquisitive, and creative thinkers. We will continue to seek ways to make every student feel known, valued, and empowered through the year.

In Partnership,

Carrie Wheeler | Viewlands Principal

Viewlands Hosts March Episode of SPS First Bell

Seattle Public Schools First Bell shares news and events happening at different schools or in the district. In the last few episodes First Bell has been hosted at schools. Each month a school is selected to be the shot site and students at the school are the reporters to introduce the news segments. Viewlands was the host site for the March episode, which will be released later this month. We had 4 students that were student reporters. The filming happened this week. The 4 student reporters worked through all their nerves and modeled their leadership, strength, and enthusiasm. We will let families know when the First Bell is released.

Salmon In Schools at Viewlands: Our Salmon Fry

Our salmon fry are actively swimming around the tank and are now eating. A 3rd grader observed that there were two salmon fry connected together at the belly, like a mirror image of one another. She wondered if these were born conjoined twins. She took the initiative with Teacher Valentine’s support to write a letter to Mr. Arango to share her observations and ask some questions. Our 5th graders and Mr. Arango continue to do the water testing in the salmon tank for a healthy water environment for our salmon fry.

Spring State Testing for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders

Our 3rd-5th graders take the state tests every spring. Students in grades 3rd through 8th take the literacy and math Smarter Balanced Assessment, SBA is the acronym used. In 5th and 8th grade students also take the Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science, WCAS is the acronym. These tests occur in the spring. These assessments are done on the computer.

Students have two math assessments, that typically occur on two separate days, most students finish each test in 60-90 minutes. Students have two literacy assessments. One of the literacy tests focuses more on reading and usually takes students 60-90 minutes. The other literacy test has more of the writing components. Students are given time over two mornings to work on this portion. The first day is for reading and drafting writing responses typically and the second day for completing their final draft and submitting. We reserve time in the mornings for these assessments. We ask families try to avoid scheduling trips or appointments that would interfere with the testing days. We do make-ups when needed as illness happens, but please try to avoid scheduling trips or appointments if at all possible.

3rd Grade State Testing Dates:

  • Tuesday May 14th
  • Wednesday May 15th
  • Thursday May 16th
  • Wednesday May 29th
  • Thursday May 30th

4th and 5th Grade State Testing Dates:

  • Thursday, April 25th (5th Grade only for science)
  • Monday May 6th
  • Wednesday May 8th
  • Thursday May 9th
  • Wednesday May 22nd
  • Thursday May 23rd

VEPTSA Update:

Message from VEPSTA Partners

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VEPTSA enrichment  – Enrollment opens March 15

Spring  enrichment includes new options for Slime Club, Piano-Keyboard Club, and 1ON1 Basketball – we’re excited to welcome back Chess, Kong Academy, and Seattle Children’s Theater offering improv.

Viewlands Orca Cup Sunday, March 24, at 1:00 pm | Sandel Park

Save the date for this family event including kid-friendly scrimmages, kids vs. adults matches, and snacks – no experience not required.  We need your help – please sign up to volunteer at the Viewlands Orca Cup.

Early Bird Auction Tickets  Saturday, April 27

Get your tickets today – early-bird tickets on sale now through March 31 $40 each or $75 for a pair!

Important School Calendar Dates

  • Monday, April 8th – Friday April 12th –Spring break, no school