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    Third Grade Supply List

    • Pencils
    • Pink erasers
    • 3-4 black composition notebooks for work and note-taking. These will be used in small group and whole group lessons.
    • 1 pair scissors
    • 1 9x12 dry erase board. (these will be used in small group lessons to show work)
    • 1 white board eraser (we suggest an old sock, washcloth, etc. that can be washed and reused)
    • 1 pack of either markers, crayons, or colored pencils.
    • 1 ruler (usually used during 2nd half of the school year)
    • 1 pack multiplication flash cards (these can be made by your child!)
    • 1 deck of cards for math games
    • 1 box or container, to keep all supplies in one organized location for student access