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Student Activities at Viewlands

At Viewlands Elementary we feel that participation in student-oriented activities is a vital part of a student’s education. Therefore, a wide range of activities is provided, which include the following:

Salmon in the Schools Education

Viewlands School will participate in the Carkeek Park/Piper’s Creek Watershed/Seattle Public Utilities, Salmon in the Schools project. The Salmon in Schools program, established in 1991, is an educational project that encourages respect for our aquatic resources and promotes responsible behavior toward the environment.

Large tanks and salmon eggs are provided to both public and private schools and students learn about the salmon lifecycle and the interrelationships between water quality and habitat issues by watching the salmon hatch and grow into fry. Eggs are provided by state and tribal hatcheries. The salmon are released into local streams after about 12 weeks. Salmon spawning season in Piper’s Creek is the best opportunity for students to learn about the life cycle of salmon! Students will observe the creek to determine the health of salmon habitat and learn ways humans can have a positive impact on salmon-bearing streams.

Learn more about Carkeek Park Environment

Salmon Get Schooled from EarthFix on Vimeo:

Salmon hatch in rivers and then spend part of their lives in the open ocean bulking up, before swimming back upstream to spawn. They can travel thousands of miles in the course of this life cycle. And for a few select salmon in Washington, a portion of that life cycle will be spent in school.

Instrumental Music at Viewlands

Mr Eric Stevens (Steve-o) is our instrumental music teacher